Russian Orphan Rescue
  • Overview of ROR

    • Russian Orphan Rescue, Inc. is a non profit public benefit corporation recognized as a tax exempt public charity by the IRS under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3) and by the California Franchise Tax Board under Revenue and Taxation Code section 23701(d).
    • The specific purpose of ROR is to provide educational and life-skills training programs and assistance to orphaned children in Russia in order to maintain and improve their physical and social well-being.
    • 100% of your donation is used solely and exclusively for the various projects ROR is currently involved in. None of your donation will be used for administration, overhead, salaries and travel.
  • Mission Statement

    To provide Eastern European orphans with an opportunity to become competent, mature adults who are committed to Jesus Christ and to living a pure, upright and productive life according to His teachings.
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  • The Facts About Russian Orphans

    There are approximately 15,000 children that leave orphanages each year once they finish the 9th grade. They are usually 16-18 years old. Of these children:
    • 50% - fall into a high-risk category (ie. prostitution)
    • 40% - become drug users
    • 40% - commit crimes
    • 10% - commit suicide
    Only 10% of Russian orphans adapt to somewhat “normal” lives in Russia. Source: Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation as shown on the website
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Russian Orphan Rescue